Cheers’ To Second Life!

At a certain age, all of us felt stuck somewhere we couldn’t escape. May it be our body, our friends or sometimes our family; there are lot of factors that somehow affected us and we were never the same person we used to be. Without even knowing we were born again. This is our second life and we are our own creators.

Through all the struggle one thing which we miss is the appreciation of being so strong but sadly no one even acknowledged your journey. It was all taken for granted. Many of you may still be fighting your wars and needed that motivation to get the courage to just jump of the edge and WIN!

This space is to remind you that you that may be you feel like you are stuck, you are not worthy, you are not that strong or even you were NOT MEANT TO BE BORN. Actually you were not, you are meant to…………


Reborn and Rise like a Phoenix, My Friend!!!

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